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June Junctures

The annual Berkeley Heights Block Party was a blast! The Kimberly Anne Wilson Foundation set up a booth where sensory tools and other activities for all ages were provided, also pictured is the Mayor's Mental Health Awareness Committee where we provided similar sensory tools for children to enjoy. This was an amazing opportunity to reach the Berkeley Heights community and share our mission of raising awareness for mental health and improving students' access to mental health resources.


We put out this awesome, interactive whiteboard for Race Amity Day and BH Block party! If you look closely and read what people said makes them happy, it's pretty much the same across the board. Also thinking about how you can make others happy is a good way to remind people to act upon it!

What a fun day we had participating in Race Amity Day. Race Amity Day celebrates and fosters the unity between different races and cultures. Mental health is not discriminatory. It affects everyone. It doesn't matter your race, your culture or whatever.....the importance of good mental health is the mission of the KAW Foundation. We are on a mission to help all our youth by educating them on mental health and the importance of positive coping skills and building resilience.  


Thank you Peace of Mind Yoga, Wellness, and Counseling Center, Summit Area YMCA, Berkeley Heights Diversity Council, New Providence Diversity Council, and Springfield Unity Project for coming together to create a meaningful day for all!

The Kimberly Anne Wilson Foundation had the opportunity to attend the Union County Pride Color Run. We were so happy to be able to provide the colored powder for the event!

We had a wonderful time at the Wilson Memorial Church Flea Market on June 1. Here we shared a variety of sensory tools for coping with stress and anxiety. We were able to share our mission of reaching and teaching students about mental health.

On June 17 we celebrate Kimmy's birthday and remember how much she cared for others and wanted to help those with mental health struggles. She firmly believed and genuinely cared that those who face mental health challenges should be encouraged to feel comfortable with opening up about their feelings and treated with non-judgment, support, and compassion. She was a beautiful person inside and out and her legacy continues through the KAW Foundation.

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