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May Milestones

This Mental Health Awareness Month the Kimberly Anne Wilson Foundation had so much fun participating in The Cranford Wellness Fair. This event provided students with access to a variety of mental health resources, instruction, and support throughout the community.


This event gave us an exciting opportunity to connect with students in person and online! Our table consisted of a fun prize wheel you got the chance to spin and win a prize from by following us on Instagram. Prizes included a gorgeous selection of different bracelets in support of mental health. Just some of the featured bracelets boasted messages like you are strong, shine on, peace, and be you.

The KAW Foundation successfully implemented a Trauma-Focused Therapy Program for Individuals at North Plainfield High School as well as in the Berkeley Heights and Summit YMCA. This new program "Pathway To Peace" is run by licensed clinical social worker, Kris Silvestry from Peace of Mind Yoga, Counseling, & Wellness Center of Berkeley Heights. Six students have been able to partake in this new mental health wellness program and over 15 sessions have taken place already!


We are excited to expand our outreach with this program! Contact us at if you're interested in bringing a program like this to your school.

We are ecstatic to have brought Lisa Hyman from Elefante Music of New Providence to lead the 4th and 5th grade girl scouts through a series of improv related activities, teaching them importance of listening, never making assumptions about others and being confident in expressing yourself. The lessons learned from these mental health related activities will go towards Knowing My Emotions badge. We love getting to work with the Girl Scouts of Central and Southern NJ and deeply admire their commitment to mental health education. The foundation is so fortunate to have found amazing mental health professionals and organizations to work with so we can offer a variety of programs to the scouts!

In honor of mental health awareness month Lawton C Johnson Summit Middle School hosted a wellness day for students on May 16. The wellness day included activities such as yoga, journaling, and jewelry making.  The Kimberly Anne Wilson Foundation visited and provided supplies for creating stress balls. We also provided fun stress coping tools such as therapy dough, anti-anxiety rings, positive affirmation bracelets, fidget spinners, and more.


We are so pleased to have had the opportunity to reach the middle school students at LCJSMS! Are you having a wellness day or mental health event at your school? Reach out to get The Kimberly Anne Wilson involved.

Union County Chairwoman Kimberly Palmieri-Mouded, Union County Commissioner Vice-Chairwoman Lourdes Leon and the rest of our Commissioner Board proudly honored Marianne Wilson of the Kimberly Anne Wilson Foundation, in recognition of the foundation's efforts in providing in-school support to students who are struggling with mental health challenges.Mental health awareness is critical in the world right now, especially for our students of all ages. We want them to learn to address their mental health, manage it, and develop healthy coping skills.


Thank you Union County for shining a light on the KAW Foundation this Mental Health Awareness Month. 💚

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