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Now More Than Ever

Help us make a positive impact

on our students' mental health


Pressure from social media and academics, and the impact of societal disruptions are affecting our students' mental health now more than ever. Our mission is to provide in-school support to students who are struggling with mental health challenges.




We focus on introducing and sponsoring mental health education programs, presentations and resources to K through 12 students and youth groups. 


  • Research and donate impactful and fun picture books for grades K-5, which are integrated into SEL plans.  These books effectively teach young children ways to identify, manage and regulate  different emotions.


  • Provide mental health support for middle and high school aged children led by a licensed clinical social worker. Tailored to a school or youth group's needs, a variety of mental health challenges are discussed along with the positive coping skills needed to help navigate through their challenges.

  • Bring to schools and youth groups, young adult speakers who share impactful personal stories of mental health struggles and ways they found hope and recovery

  • Offer art ,music and pet therapy to help children deal with stress in unique and creative ways.


The Foundation sponsors:

  • Peer-led mental help support program that equips teens with a plan to implement when peers are struggling with mental health challenges.

  • Trauma-informed program led by a licensed clinical social worker that educates parents, teachers and students on recognizing signs of trauma and provides useful, supportive tools.

  • Mental health based presentation that teaches staff tools to assist struggling students.

  • Kindness program led by a mental health professional engages elementary school  children helping them understand the concept of kindness and the role emotions play in interacting with others.

  • Expert led internet safety and cyber bullying presentations for middle and high school age students. 


UC Step Event New Date.jpg

We are so excited to be partnering with Union County Board of County Commissioners to bring their first Stepping Up To Mental Health Summit on September 21, 2024. This is going to be a fun and impactful event to raise awareness about mental health. 

We are in the press!

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Annual Berkeley Heights Summer Block Party Returns for a Day of Fun and Festivities
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