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Schools we've impacted
We boost the mental health of students, teachers and parents by providing programs, presentations and resources.

Trauma-Focused Therapy Program for Individuals

We are excited to be sponsoring and collaborating with Peace of Mind Yoga, Counseling, and Wellness Center to bring their Pathway to Peace program to North Plainfield High School and the YMCA.


We will be funding trauma-focused individual therapy for 6 students at North Plainfield High School once per week throughout the remainder of the school year. At the YMCA we will be funding 2 students partaking in the Pathway To Peace Program.


Peace of Mind Yoga, Counseling, and Wellness Center shares KAW Foundation's passion that every child should have access to mental health care despite financial constraints. We are proud of this partnership and look forward to bringing many, many more mental health resources for students in need

wellness events

Art, Music, and Pet Therapy

The Kimberly Anne Wilson Foundation believes in the benefits of mental health wellness through the use of different modalities. Creative wellness practices such as expressing oneself's through art and/or music can have a therapeutic effect on one's mental health. In-school pet visits from certified animal therapy teams bring healing comfort to student's as well. 

Speaker Series 

The Kimberly Anne Wilson foundation sponsors speaker series for students, teachers, parents and counselors on how to deal with mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression. These professional speakers help students learn the importance of positive coping skills and how to incorporate them into their everyday lives.

Mental Health Speakers for students 

kindness Speakers 

A Minding Your Mind Professional Speaker engaged with students, imparting valuable insights on the advantages of emotional self-regulation and the importance of fostering kindness within school communities.

Mental health speakers for teachers, PARENTS and Counselors

INSPIRED Kindness Week

The Kimberly Anne Wilson Foundation introduced Kindness Week in the Berkeley Heights Public School District in February 2023.  Each school engaged in kindness projects or random acts of kindness.  The schools who participated are: Mary Kay McMillin Early Childhood Center, Mountain Park Elementary School, Thomas P. Hughes Elementary School, William Woodruff Elementary School, Columbia Middle School and Governor Livingston High School.  This program will continue each year. Below are some photos that show the student design boxes used as well as gifts donated by the foundation to those students who carried out random acts of kindness. Also shown are faculty and administration supportive of the week.



The foundation researched, introduced and donated to the Berkeley Heights school district a beautifully illustrated set of books for all elementary school teachers to use in their classrooms. The books teach in a fun and engaging way how children can identify their feelings, manage them and learn how to express themselves in a positive manner. The books also teach the children the importance of understanding differences in points of views and respecting their peers through using kindness and empathy. This donation was extremely well received and utilized in a variety of ways. The administration subsequently decided to expand upon this author's collection of books to further enhance their social-emotional learning initiatives. 

books fro kaw_edited.jpg

Our foundation has distributed many kindness books to the elementary schools as they continue on their journey to teach kindness.

Here are some of the books we have donated after the kindness presentations: 

Kindness Starts with You’  by Jacqueline Stagg

'Ricky the Rock that Couldn't Roll' by Mr. Jay

'Kindness  Week' by Tahiya Cooper

'A Little Spot of Kindness' by Diane Alber

'Kindness is my Superpower' by Alicia Ortego

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Ricky the riock.jpeg
Kindness Week.jpeg
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Kindness is my supoerpaoer.jpeg

The foundation donated fidget toys to

  • Bayberry Elementary School, all K-4 classrooms 

  • Mountain Lakes Elementary School, all K-4 Classrooms

  • All K-5 schools in  Berkeley Heights

These donations were extremely well received and utilized in a variety of ways.


The Foundation donated materials for Abraham Clark High School students in Roselle to make their own stress balls. 

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